Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Flooring Down and In

We were really excited to put some new foundation down in one of the main rooms and through/into a bedroom.  It totally 600 square feet with a few odd corners and crops to get around.  There was carpet down, but it had all of its life taken from it; it was no longer secured to the floor in spots, a few noticeable stains, and the like.

The sub floor was in good shape - so there was nothing stopping us once I rounded up some equipment and some good help.  I got my roofers on the job; Bruce and Warren.  I figured since we shingled the Quebec Street house last year, how different could this task be?  Well - the fellers said by the end roofing is a lot easier.  They said something to the effect that you can make more mistakes on a roof that don't get noticed, compared to flooring.
This is the real stuff.  I got the real tongue and groove stuff.  It is Maple.  It is real light in some spots, but every now and again there are some dark, grainy highlights of swirls and twirls in the wood.  It looks quite sharp if I do say so myself.  The deal sealer, which I don't have pictures of it yet, is the baseboard.  I got some kiln-dried, Mennonite milled, red oak from a feller up near St. Helen's.  I finished it with a semi glossed polyurethane.  I was told to stain it, give it a light sanding, then wipe it clean, and then repeat.  I really got into that and was so happy of its finished look.  I got the quarter round too.

Anyway - it all turned out great.  I have a bit of fixing to do on the pop-up bar cover on the floor.  But for now, a mat will hide those errors and miscuts.  My transition from a bit of a hallway and into a room, then back into a closet went seamlessly!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Decent Drop

There are just things like this all over the place.  Well - they have varying degrees of heights, lengths, widths, steepnesses, difficulties and so on.  I had enough of time, at first, riding a 12 foot long, rail-road tie width obstruction (1 foot drop).  By the end of the week it wasn't a problem.  Everything looks so easy and small, but once over, on top of, or behind - you soon get a different perspective.

The quality and composition of the bicycles makes so much difference.  I was riding an all-mountain type bike with 5 inches of suspension on the rear wheel and of course shocks on the front forks.  You really have to use the bike to your advantage.  It will ride over rocks and logs with ease.  You have to trust it to do so, and keep your speed up, but they mostly will do what you ask it to do.  Lower the seat.  Lean way back.  Keep hard on the rear brake - easier on the front....

Trevor rode his down hill bike all the time.  It was much heavier (45lbs?), lacked climbing/granny gears, and had more suspension at the rear.  So a bike such as this somewhat glides or slices over the west coast hinderances.

So Rossland would boast 150km+ of trails within 10km of its downtown core.  These trails are over and through the wickedest terrain.....  They are well marked, mapped, ridden, walked, and enjoyed by many. They are multi- seasonally used as well.

A group around Goderich is trying to put a 5km long trail from Point Farms to the airport in Goderich.  The land is significantly more viable to put a trail in terms of its geological properties - but it is on the outer shoulder of a highway with a good volume of traffic.

But my point - There seems to be a bunch of reservations and obstacles putting in 5km of trails around here - and out west the abundance of trails and the support of build and maintain them is unquestionable.  It is too bad.

Cool Gap Jump

A six to seven foot gap we jumped a few times at the ski hill.  This is video of Trevor hitting and clearing it no problem - Same went for myself, but with only a bit of a problem...  So I did it 3 or 4 times and then had it under control. 

Pictures are of yours truly


Out at Nancy Green Lake a few days ago...

Trevor racing down Pay Dirt..

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Some pictures from Rossland

Lots of good times out here.  We've all been biking and swimming, huckleberry picking, and spelunking.  I have added in a few runs.  I am glad I have a great base of fitness as being out west with less than ideal cardio is not a wise move...  I have mostly been able to keep up and be on the wheel of the younger Macaulay.  All has been really fun and exciting.  

The weather has been sooooo terrific.  Hot.  Sunny.

The food has been delicious and the drinks cool and plentiful.

Molly has had a great time.  She actually has had pictures with her cousins back in July of 2012, but this time it is much more real.  

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


On our way out to Rossland, BC, but have been stuck in the London airport with a mechanical problem on the plane.  Would you believe the plane's de-icing caution light is engaged, and that is enough to ground it. That was at 9:00.  It is now 3:30.  We'll be another thirty probably.

Our spirits are high...  No meltdowns or incidences....  but is has been a mighty long wait.

We ended up getting to Vancouver at 9:00 local time.  We got a hotel right at the airport.  It was a nice room.  Anyway - we flew out at 7:00 am and got to Rossland.  It was a long 30 hrs., but we made it to Tara and Trevor's awesome place...

Awesome place.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lazy Posting

A lot has been going on...  We bought a new house and get possession of it Thursday of this week actually.  It is very close to where we live - and it just seemed like a good place to get into and such.  We are outgrowing our current place, we were up and down about building on the farm, the location and neighbours are great...  So - ya.  Maybe by August of so we'll officially make a move.  There are a few things to church up with the place....  It is called The CoachHouse.  I am sure it'll be more than suitable.

School is winding down and that is good.  It just seems like a good time to end this year, have a break...  I am sure the kids are sick and tired of me - and it goes both ways from time to time.  So a welcomed break is deserved by all.  One more year to work..  Then another full year off.  I will be quite a bit happier writing one year from now.

I have been out on the bike.  Not too much, but I hit a big Saugeen region, Grey, Bruce county trial ride with 20 others the other day.  It was fun.  I definitely had the biggest bike - and that isn't bragging.  I would have been much happier on something much smaller.  However I crossed some deep water, hit lots of railroad tracks, dirt roads, and the like and didn't even dump it once...  Almost.  I skidded left and right a few times.  But I stayed on.  I watched a few people wipe out - the were alright.  A few broken foot pegs and mirrors for some - but I stayed clean.  I got home and started looking for a used Husq 400 or a DRZ 400 or something like that - That would have been ideal.  At any rate - it was lots of fun.
Shelly, Molly and I made this little baby gift for my step-brother and his wife's new baby.  They had a boy and he'll be known as Hank apparently - so this is the creation...  It isn't exactly original.  I have seen things like this on the world wide web and such... So this is our adaptation of a bit of a growth chart.  Craig can hang it up, or use it as firewood to heat his house!  I used stencils, of course, and cedar.  I have lots and lots of cedar out at the farm.

We all have flights booked to go out to Rossland, BC this July.  That will be fun.  We booked them a month or two ago.  There was some talk about flying to Calgary, renting a car and touring around for 3 or 4 days while getting those extra 700km in to Trevor's.  But that idea was more romance, than practical.  It wasn't going to happen.  So we opted for the Castlegar, BC airport which is only about 40 km from the ultimate destination.  It will look quite a bit different than it did in the winter of 2011 - and will be warmer.  See you soon Tara, Trevor and the boyz.

I hit Joel's 40th birthday this month - I am sure he doesn't mind me posting that.  It was quite fun.

I will hit up Drew's 40th on the weekend - No stopping age folks.

Had a great time this month hanging with Liesa and Kathy after work and before the 8th grade graduation - there might be some pictures floating around somewhere of our fun.

Molly is great:

 Shelly is fantastic too:
I'm a lucky man!